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Referrals for after Detox

AA-coinClick on the names below on view their web sites;

For outpatient services (not detox) such as evening educational groups and individual counseling call Clean And Sober Detox at (916) 965-3386.

For Sober Living Home or Transitional Living

If you have already completed a residential recovery program or outpatient program you may desire to live in a sober living environment (SLE) or transitional living (T house) view: click here to view Freedom Sober Living and call (916) 812-0808.

At Freedom Sober Living, we focus on the job of total recovery for our residents. Our residents must be free of all mind altering substances. We offer affordable housing in a safe and sober environment for adults who are working a 12 Step recovery program.

To be a successful, responsible, productive member of society it is important for new comers to interact with other recovery people such as themselves. Due to the therapeutic value of one recovering person helping another recovering person is one of the fundamental parts of the recovery world. Our experience has shown the success rate for those in recovery being able to live with other successful people is remarkably higher than those who live by themselves. It is best that those in recovery seek a "safe, serene and peaceful living environment" in which they can take time to work on themselves, attend 12 Step meetings regularly, live without the pains of living, and become self-supporting. This allows you to make a smooth transition. This "safe haven" is what Freedom Sober Living provides. A safe and sober living environment where residents live, work and play without the pressures of drugs and alcohol.

For long term residential treatment

Clean And Sober Recovery Services is a private residential alcohol and drug treatment center located in Orangevale, California, a suburb of Sacramento.

Call (916) 965-DETOX (3386) now to speak to a counselor