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Confidential Alcohol Detox

Were you injured on the job? Are you currently receiving workers’ compensation and now addicted to the medications they prescribed? If so we may be able to help.

We accept workers’ compensation insurance without any cost to you. Call (916) 965-3386 now for a confidential consultation.

Unfortunately most medical insurance companies do not pay for Detox, the first and most critical part of your recovery which focuses on eliminating the addictive substance from your body. Your insurance may pay for detox but  most only pay for a few days which is a issue because that is when when the cravings and sickness really start to kick in. We also find that co-payment can also cost more than the fee for our entire program.

The good news is we are able to provide a quality detox program for a affordable rate. Our rate will vary depending on the type of addiction. Call us for a free confidential consultation and speak to a counselor. If you want to use your medical insurance call the phone number on the back of your insurance card. Ask if they pay for residential substance abuse detox. They will require prior authorization for any program.

Please feel free to call us at anytime to discuss rates and suggested  length of stays at (916) 965-3386 .

If you want a detox program that is totally confidential we are that place. It is your right! Nothing will be on a computer. You can pay with cash and not be concerned about your employer or insurance company knowing about your addiction.

We accept several types of payments:

  • Cash, money order, debit card or credit card
  • Veterans Affairs VA – if honorably discharged
  • Workers Compensation
  • Native American
  • Some medical insurance – depending on your carrier; you must have prior authorization, and
  • Some county funding

How Our Detox program Works

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“Love the staff and the new life they showed me how to live… Thanks a lot for all the support I got there.” -Ryan O.