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Insurance for Detox and Funding

insuranceWere you injured on the job, are you currently receiving workers' compensation and now addicted to the medications they prescribed to you? If so we may be able to help. We accept workers' compensation insurance without any cost to you. Call (916)965-3386 now for a confidential consultation.This is disappointing but medical insurance usually does not pay for the first and most critical part of recovery; eliminating the addictive substance – your detox. Maybe your insurance will pay for detox but only pay for a few days, when the craving and sickness kick in. Sometimes the co payment they require is more than the fee for our entire program.

If you want a detox program that is totally confidential we are that place. It is your right! Nothing will be on a computer.  You can pay with cash and not be concerned about your employer or insurance company knowing you are addicted to a substance.

We are able to provide a quality detox program for a reasonable fee; fee varies depending on the type of addiction. If you want to use the medical insurance you have call the toll free number on the back of your card; they will require prior authorization for any program.

We accept several types of payments;

  • Cash or credit card,
  • Veterans Affairs VA – if honorably discharged,
  • Workers Compensation Insurance,
  • Sacramento Native American Health Center,
  • Some medical insurance – depending on your carrier; you must have prior authorization


Call (916) 965-DETOX (3386) now to speak to a counselor