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What Should I Bring to Detox?

Now that you have made the decision to come in to detox here is a list of suggested items to bring and not bring;

  • All prescribed medications in the original container with the your name,
  • Pack like you are going on vacation; 7 day supply of comfortable casual clean clothes; jeans, shirts, sweaters, robe, socks, undergarments, pajamas, and slippers, shorts, tops, etc.
  • Picture ID – you will need that at the doctors’ office,
  • A carton of cigarettes if you smoke, people tend to smoke more while in detox. No vape cigarettes. Self-contained E cig are ok (no drops)
  • Unopened toiletries, vitamins unopened (we have natural vitamins),
  • Books that are recovery related or faith based.

If you forget something we may have it or we will call someone for you to bring it.

Please do not bring any of the following;

  • Any paraphernalia
  • No need to bring a wallet, purse or money,
  • Any clear liquid that contains alcohol; mouth wash, body spray, cologne, perfume, etc. (lotion is ok)
  • Cell phones or any electrical device,
  • Backpacks, pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals,
  • Hair trimmers,
  • Revealing or suggestive clothing (bathing suits, spaghetti straps).